Our Family

Sassy Cow is the result of two farms that are owned and operated by the brothers James and Robert Baerwolf and their families. James and Robert are the third generation to farm the land located in Columbia County, WI that their grandfather purchased in 1946. James and Robert's parents farmed the land their entire lives and are still actively involved with the family operation even in their retirement years, and their children take an active role on the farms today.


Both James and Robert graduated from UW-Madison and began dairying immediately after college. They both also now have wives (both named Jenny) and seven children in total. Just like their children today, James and Robert both worked with dairy cattle since the time they were old enough to follow their parents around on the farm. The love for the cows and for the work is a true family tradition that continues to be passed down.


We feel the success of this tradition is directly related to how well the dairy cattle are taken care of, and we place the highest value on the well being of our animals, and every farm-related decision must be good for the cows. Our families have always farmed with the cows "taking center stage" and all aspects of Sassy Cow Creamery are no different…even our name conveys the attitude that it all starts with superior cows.

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