Organic vs Traditional Milk

Great quality dairy products come from the milk of cows that are respected and treated well…that’s what it is all about.


Sassy Cow Creamery is unique in that we offer both organic and traditional milk. Brothers James and Robert own and operate both dairy herds that supply milk to the Creamery. We have 100% confidence in all of the milk we produce, organic and traditional.

All our cows are treated with the same care and compassion at both of our farms. The difference lies in the tools available for caring for our cows and land. If a health concern arises the treatment is different for each farm. As an organic herd, certain medications cannot be given to treat illness. In the traditional herd, if a health concern develops, like a swollen foot, under the supervision of our veterinarian we would use a therapeutic antibiotic to reduce swelling and cure the infection. Similar to treating an ear infection in people. The milk from any cow that has had a therapeutic antibiotic treatment is withheld from the milk supply until there is no evidence of antibiotic residue. All our milk is rigorously tested and antibiotics are never found in our milk. Bovine growth hormone, rBGH has never been used on any of our cattle since we began farming and it will not be used in the future.

The greatest difference between our two farms is the amount of land our cows’ feed is grown on. The feed for the organic herd is grown without the use of any herbicides or commercial fertilizers. The feed grown for the traditional herd is on land that, should a situation arise, can be treated for weeds, parasites, molds and fungi. It is easiest to understand this if you think of your lawn and how you care for it. You can choose to care for your lawn using conventional or organic practices. The same applies for the crops grown to feed our cattle.


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