Offering organic and traditional milk along with premium ice cream with milk from our traditional herd of cows. We’re proud to produce premium and affordable products for your family.

Brothers James and Robert own and operate the two farms that supply all the milk to the creamery. When you’re drinking a cold glass of Sassy Cow milk you’ll know it came straight from the Baerwolf Families’ cows.


We are proud to offer a wide variety of products from our farmstead creamery. We have a unique opportunity to offer two lines of milk, organic and traditional, both bottled separately, at our creamery. Our products are made only with our farm-fresh, rBGH-free milk that we produce on our farms. You’ll taste the Local Difference! 

Organic Milk
Sizes: Gallon | Half Gallon
Types: Skim | 1% | 2% | Whole

Traditional Milk
Sizes: Gallon | Half Gallon | Quarts | Pints | Half Pints
Types: Skim | 1% | 2% | Whole | Chocolate | 1% Chocolate | Strawberry

Lactose Free Milk
Sizes: Gallon | Half Gallon
Types: 2% | Whole

Also available
Heavy cream | Half and half

Download our product list.


At Sassy Cow Creamery, we craft our premium farmstead ice cream with milk from our traditional herd of cows. We take great pride in producing a premium yet affordable ice cream for your family. At Sassy Cow we start by combining our traditional milk with cream and sugar in our large blend tank. From the blend tank the ice cream mix is pasteurized at 176 degrees and sent over to our finished product blend tank. This mixture will be held for 12 hours.

The ice cream mix is then poured into our batch freezer. Every flavor of ice cream starts with this mix but the flavors and ingredients make for all the different varieties of ice cream. In the batch freezer the mix turns into ice cream, all the ingredients and flavors are blended into the forming ice cream. Our batch freezer can only make 20 quarts of ice cream at a time. As the ice cream flows from the machine each container is filled by hand. This allows us to make many unique and seasonal flavors.

Our ice cream is available at our creamery store and some local retailers. At our store we have ice cream cones and dishes, milkshakes, and ice cream cakes available! Stop out for a cone and watch us bottle our milk and make ice cream through large viewing windows.


We make over 50 flavors of ice cream at our creamery and have quarts, half gallons and three gallon containers.

Download our ice cream flavor list

Arctic Mint Fudge* – Mint ice cream with fudge pieces

Banana Split – Banana ice cream with strawberries and fudge pieces

Birthday Cake – Cake batter ice cream with colorful chocolate chips

Blue Moon – Tastes like fruit loops

Blueberry Cheesecake – Cheesecake flavored ice cream with blueberry swirl and cheesecake pieces

Blueberry Pie* – Blueberry ice cream with pie crust pieces

Butter Pecan

Cappuccino Crunch – Coffee flavored ice cream with toffee and chocolate bites

Caramel Brownie– Vanilla with caramel swirl and brownie pieces

Caramel Chunk – Caramel ice cream with fudge pieces 

Cherry Amaretto – Amaretto ice cream with maraschino cherry pieces 


Chocolate Almond Coconut* – Coconut ice cream with coconut flakes, fudge, and almonds

Chocolate Toffee Almond – Chocolate with almonds and toffee pieces

Coconut Cream Pie – Coconut ice cream with graham pieces


Cookie Dough – Cookie dough ice cream with cookie dough pieces

Cookie Monster – Blue Moon ice cream with Oreos and cookie dough

Cookies N’ Coffee – Coffee ice cream with Oreos

Cookies N’ Cream – Vanilla ice cream with Oreos

Cow Pie – Salted caramel ice cream with peanuts and fudge and toffee pieces

Cow Tracks – Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cup pieces

Creme de Menthe – Mint ice cream 

Dark Cherry Chocolate – Cherry ice cream with cherries and chocolate flakes

Licorice – Licorice ice cream with anise pieces

Mango – Mango ice cream with mango pieces

Maple Walnut* – Maple ice cream with walnut pieces

Milk Chocolate*

Mint Brownie Blast – Mint ice cream with brownie pieces

Mint Chip – Mint ice cream with chocolate chips

Mint Dirt Pie – Mint ice cream with Oreos

Mocha Mud Pie – Chocolate ice cream with Kahlua and Oreos

Orange Chocolate Bliss* – Orange ice cream with fudge pieces 

Peach – Peach ice cream with peach pieces

Peanut Butter Explosion**- Peanut butter ice cream, nutter butter pieces and peanut butter cup pieces

Peanut Butter Fudge– Peanut butter ice cream, fudge pieces and peanut butter cup pieces

Peanut Butter S’mores – Peanut butter ice cream with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham cracker pieces

Pie Overload** – Oreos, graham crackers and a caramel swirl

Pistachio* – Pistachio flavored ice cream with pistachios

Purple Cow – Black raspberry with dark and white chocolate chips

Raspberry Chunk – Raspberry ice cream with fudge pieces

Red Raspberry – Raspberry ice cream with raspberry pieces

Rocky Road – Chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate flakes and almonds

Salted Caramel* 

Salted Caramel Cheesecake – caramel ice cream with cheesecake pieces

Sassy Way – Milk chocolate ice cream with chocolate pieces and caramel swirl, like a Milky Way bar

Spotted Cow – Cookie dough ice cream with cookie dough pieces and peanut butter cups

Strawberry – Strawberry ice cream with strawberry pieces

Strawberry Cheesecake – Strawberry ice cream with cheesecake pieces

Triple Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and chocolate flakes


Vanilla Chip – Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. 

White Chocolate Raspberry – White chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirl and chocolate raspberry cups

Seasonal Flavors

Spring (available in March)

Lemon Meringue Pie – Lemon ice cream with marshmallow cream and pie crust

Summer (available in June)

Superman** – Blue moon, cherry and lemon ice cream

Root Beer Float ** – Root beer ice cream and vanilla ice cream

S’mores – Graham cracker ice cream with marshmallow and chocolate chips

Fall (available in September)

Apple Pie – Apple ice cream with apple and pie pieces.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon ice cream

Pumpkin Praline – Pumpkin ice cream with praline nuts

Caramel Apple – Caramel ice cream with apple pieces and caramel swirl

Winter (available in November)

Chocolate Peppermint Stick – chocolate ice cream with peppermint strips

Peppermint Stick – vanilla ice cream with peppermint pieces

Egg Nog – Egg nog ice cream

Hot Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream with marshmallows